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Clearview: Proposed Road Improvements

Sideroad 26/27 Chronology

The timeline graphic below provides a summary of the long history surrounding proposed road changes in the Township of Clearview. In 2009 a traffic study was completed that determined County Road 91 needed significant upgrades to support the current traffic volumes. That proposal was rejected and a new proposal was created that provided alternate solutions, including upgrading Sideroad 26/27, which is currently in review with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.


proposed road improvements


Currently, the volume on Township Road 91 has inflated since the 2009 traffic study was completed. This increased traffic volume further supports the need to upgrade the road network to address the volume, safety and environmental issues of today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walker’s role in the proposed road changes in Clearview Township?

The road changes were proposed by the County of Simcoe and Clearview Township, to resolve existing traffic concerns on then-County Road 91 (now Township Road 91). Walker agreed to contribute $7.5 million to help fund the road improvements, as a part of a larger agreement to improve the safety of the road network, to maintain an east west link between Simcoe County and Grey County and to reduce background traffic on County Road 91.

For historical context, Walker Aggregates has been operating Duntroon Quarry (est. in the 1960s) since 1997, and in 2012 received approval to expand aggregate extraction. After almost a decade of consultation and negotiation, a detailed expansion plan, including the proposed road improvements, was approved by a Joint Board of the Ontario Municipal Board (now known as the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) and the Environmental Review Tribunal. This plan was developed after a lengthy hearing conducted by the Joint Board with evidence and legal representation from those having concerns with the proposal. The decision of the Joint Board was upheld by the Ontario Divisional Court after hearing an appeal from the Niagara Escarpment Commission.


What changes are proposed for the road network around the Duntroon Quarry?

The road network changes, proposed by the County of Simcoe and the Township of Clearview, and supported by the Joint Board, include:

  • The Township of Clearview would upgrade 26/27 Sideroad to address safety and environmental concerns, accommodate year-round passenger vehicle traffic and maintain an east-west link.
  • The Township would upgrade a 3.3-kilometre section of Concession 10 North from Township Road 91 to north of 26/27 Sideroad to accommodate any increase in traffic.
  • A 1.6-kilometre section of Township Road 91 would be closed and conveyed to Walker to permit access between the existing quarry and the extension.
  • Passenger vehicle traffic would shift from Township Road 91 to 26/27 Sideroad between Grey Road 31 and Concession 10.
  • The Township would make improvements to Township Road 91 and reduce the speed limit to 60 km/hr.


How do the changes to the road network impact the quarry land?

The proposed road network changes provide safer haul routes for quarry traffic and safer road systems for residents.