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Simcoe County


Walker operates two limestone quarries and seven sand and gravel pits in the Simcoe area. These locations produce high quality stone and manufactured sands to serve the surrounding areas and the GTA. Materials from our Simcoe sites are ideal for construction, the asphalt and concrete markets, erosion control and landscaping. Our Duntroon Quarry is the exclusive producer of superior-quality limestone bunker sand for Ontario’s high performance golf courses.

Simcoe County:

CategoryProductSize / ClassificationDuntroon QuarrySevern QuarryAnten Mills PitClarksburg PitDurham PitEdgar PitOrillia Pit 5Orillia Pit 7Orillia Pit 48
Clear StoneChip/Granite3/8"
Clear Stone7mm (1/4") (Chip)
Clear Stone9.5mm
Clear Stone16mm (HL4)
Clear Stone19mm (3/4") / 3/4" Clear
Clear Stone19mm (3/4") (HL8) (Drainage Stone)
Clear Stone50mm (2") / 37.5mm (1 ½") Clear
Concrete Stone13.2mm / 14-5 CSA
Concrete Stone16mm
Concrete Stone19mm (3/4") / 3/4" Clear
Concrete Stone37.5mm (1 1/2")
Core Stone: Blended Rip Rap
Drainage Stone1/2" Clear
Gabion100mm - 200mm (4" - 8")
HL3 Stone13.2 mm
Large Rip Rap12" - 24" (300 - 600mm)
Pea Gravel / Pea Stone3/8"
River Stone (Unwashed)1 - 2 (1 - 3)"
River Stone (Washed)1 - 2 (1 - 3)"
River Stone (Unwashed)2" - 4"
River Stone (Washed)2" - 4"
River Stone (Unwashed)4" - 8"
River Stone (Washed)4" - 8"
River Stone (Unwashed)8" - 18"
Round Stone (Washed)1/2"
Septic Stone1" - 2"
FinesAgricultural Lime - Calcite
Agricultural Lime - Dolomitic
Asphalt Sand (Dry Screened)
Asphalt Sand (Washed)
Brick Sand
Bunker Sand
Beach Sand
Cable Sand
Clear2mm (1/8")
Concrete Sand (Washed)
Filter Sand
High Performance Bedding
Hi Stability / HDBC Sand
Limestone Fill
Manufactured / HL3 Sand
Playground Sand
Pond Fill
Screenings1/8" Minus
Screenings - Granular B Type I Limestone
Screened Sand
Screened Fill (Fill Sand)
Septic Sand
Track Sand/ Equestrian Sand
Winter Sand
GranularsCrushed Concrete2"
Granular / Crusher Run16mm (5/8")
Granular / Crusher Run19mm (3/4")
Granular / Crusher Run50mm (2")
Granular / Crusher Run100mm (4")
Crusher Run/Surge200mm (8")
OPSS Granular A Passes 1"
OPSS Granular B Type I (Pit Run)0 - 1/2"
Unprocessed FinesUnscreened Sand Fill
Oversized/LandscapingArmour Stone - Random
Armour Stone - Random Size/Shape1 - 2 tonne
Armour Stone - Random Size/Shape2 - 4 tonne
Armour Stone - Landscape Stackable10" / 13" / 24"
Armour Stone - Shoreline
Recycled MaterialsRecycled Asphalt5/8"
Recycled Concrete2" Minus
*Selection and availability varies by location. Check products in other regions, or contact a sales rep today.

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Administrative Office - Open
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Orillia Pit 7 - Open
1533 Line 12 North
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Orillia Pit 48 - Open
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Oro-Medonte Township, ON L0L 2E0
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Durham Pit - Open
393462 Concession 2
Priceville, ON N0C 1K0
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Duntroon Quarry - Open
Simcoe County Road 91, 3 Miles West
Duntroon, ON L0M 1H0
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Clarksburg Pit - Open
828060 Grey Road 40
The Blue Mountains, ON N0H 1J0
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Anten Mills Pit - Open
4436 Horseshoe Valley Road West
Minesing, ON L0L 1Y0
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Administrative Office - Open
48 Alliance Blvd Unit 102 & 103
Barrie, ON L4M 5K3
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Ridgemount Quarry - Open
2009 Ridgemount Road
Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0
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Spring Creek Quarry - Open
5500 Yonge Street
Lincoln, ON L0R 2A0
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Vineland Quarry & Asphalt - Open
3614 Victoria Ave.
Vineland, ON L0R 2C0
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Walker Brothers Quarry & Asphalt - Open
2800 Thorold Townline Road
Thorold, ON L2V 3Y8
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